Progressive drop rates!

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I’ve been here a long time and I’m still loving the game. However, nothing makes me feel worse about the time, energy and money I’ve spent here than dumping a ton of money into a featured crsytal (fgmc’s in particular) and failing to get anything that progresses my game, let alone the featured 5*. Why not have progressive drop rates that increase your chances of the featured pull as you buy more? A lot of games have been adopting this design with great success. It’s even okay if it’s expensive. At least there’s a price on it and a choice to be made with hopes of not having to spend the full amount and/or a chance you’ll randomly get some other good pulls. I can imagine some will think this would break the game and they’ll talk about “pay to play.” Well, it already is. I can tell you from experience that it takes anywhere from $20 to $1200 to get the featured 5* from the current FGMC system. The average is around $600. It already is “pay for the champ you want.” It doesn’t break the game because rank up resources are still regulated. So, even if the whales get the new champs, they can’t rank them all up right away. Kabam, if you’re listening, I think you would see even more fgmc sales if you applied a progressive drop rate system that promised the 50th crystal would be the winner if the you didn’t pull the champ sooner. Have the rate reset when the champ get’s delivered too, that way it take 2x to awaken them. To my fellow summoners, I understand that I am suggesting that Kabam perpetuate the gambling addiction by doing this, but keep in mind I’m also suggesting they put a cap on it. It will be interesting to see if they respond and what the rest of the community thinks of this idea.



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    Would definitely make them more appealing as the drop rate went up. Generally tho having it go up with opens, down with time, keeps people opening. Could even have it max at 20% chance and at least that’s something. .4 hurts tho.
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