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Uncollected title returned after Ban

I was banned for using 3rd party software for one week (I will admit to using it briefly to beat the collector for the first time). This was done shortly after 5.2 release. After my short ban was lifted, my uncollected title was removed. I received in game mail stating that they will check my account in 1 month to see if I have completed 5.2 and 5.3 legitimately. If so, they will restore my title. By the end of this month long trial, I had spent probably 50 dollars USD in units to beat all of act 5. Completion, not exploration. It has been 4 months since then and no title has been given back. When I message support, all they say is that they will look into it and to be patient. Who do I need to talk to so I can get some movement on this? They gave me a task and timeline to get my title back and are not holding up their end.


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    TalveranTalveran Posts: 37
    Kabam, it is best if you comply. Compliance will be rewarded.
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    GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 36,346 ★★★★★
    ArmandStar wrote: »
    i can see why you guys would taunt the cheater, but here's the thing: the player and kabam made a deal: "earn the title fairly, and we'll give it back"
    the important thing here is that kabam offered the deal. they gave him his mission, and he completed it. now he IS entitled to the reward.

    they offered a way to earn it back and now they have to comply

    That's not a deal so much as the way the game is meant to be played.
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    BlakeVinesBlakeVines Posts: 4
    The point isn’t that I cheated, the point is that Kabam gave me a fair way to earn the title. I completed the challenge and more, but they dodge the subject when I bring it up (through support chat). I am now, and have been for months, a good legitimate player. I’ve earned the title back and to continue playing and processing, I need it as well.
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    Kabam AhabKabam Ahab Posts: 956
    Hi BlakeVines,

    Please follow up with our Support Team for further assistance. Make sure to include your case number when contacting them.
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