Game dropping inputs

Today in aw the game has been seriously dropping inputs, not just for myself but for other members of my alliance as well. 3rd hit from combo Whiffs or just doesn’t come out, sp1/2 doesn’t trigger at the end of a 5 hit combo or drains power bar and doesn’t come out. Evades/parry/block not registering. And to top it off when these happen champ just sits there not blocking and takes a full combo.

Happening in aw on iPhone 7+ latest iOS and game ver.


  • AfflictionAffliction Posts: 381 ★★
    Yep. 9 months of this bs. Dropped blocks/no responding/not attacking even though we're tapping. They really don't care anymore. Without a Boycott#2 they'll take this as far as they possibly can for $$$...
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