What cosmic to R5?

DoonxDoonx Posts: 182
TIA guys

What cosmic to R5? 30 votes

4* Thor OG duped
23% 7 votes
4* Hyperion unduped
76% 23 votes


  • SagnikfurySagnikfury Posts: 104
    Unfortunately thor isn't effective anymore
  • cx234333cx234333 Posts: 111
    kamala khan
  • Blitzkilla420Blitzkilla420 Posts: 561 ★★★
    dont listen to these guys OP.
    og thor duped is unreal at 550 he gets 17k health! thats like top 3 highest health for a 4*.

    so og thor for sure
  • Maverick75Maverick75 Posts: 561 ★★★
    Test the champions by yourself. If you can’t decide, ask to your team. But here it is another useless poll.
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