Growing Alliance needs YOU!

[WAMF] 91W-QRF Alliance wanting active AW/AQ fighters!

ALL levels welcome!

All we need is YOU to fight the best you can in every AW/AQ.

That’s it!


  • Yash278Yash278 Posts: 14
    I'm Level 21 Player , This is my Second account and Free to Play so I have a Lot of Experience about this game , Also I have 4 Four star champs at this lvl , so I think I would be also a valuable player in your Alliance , Also I'm Active in Wars and Quests , Thanks
  • QbdnfrhuQbdnfrhu Posts: 84
    i am level 32. i have 2 five stars. both rank 1 level 25. nearly ten four star. my best four stars are both god tier, rank 4. and i have 20-30 three stars. and a whole heep of two stars. I am active everyday (if my family doesn't find out that i sneak onto the Ipad). And i am capable of doing AW/AQ. My game name is Qbdnfrhu
  • QbdnfrhuQbdnfrhu Posts: 84
    plz friend me on mcoc, or send message, or post on forum
  • 91W_CMB91W_CMB Posts: 11
    Thank you both! If ur still available that’d be great if you can join/ help us!

    I’ve sent friend requests. Message me if you have any issues.

  • Iammeat5Iammeat5 Posts: 48
    Hey I'm level 30 with 10 3 stars 1 4 star. Free to play but very active. Started 2 weeks ago. I am meat is my ign
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