Looking for active adult players.

1.6 mil adult, active alliance looking to fill 15 spots. If your tired of working hard for your alliance while some members sit back and do the minimum to reap rewards, this is the alliance for you. All ratings accepted and given a chance, only requirement is that you are active in events and follow the rules for war. We have a great group and there is plenty of fun and chatting while we get things done.


  • Yash278Yash278 Posts: 14
    I'm Level 21 Player , This is my Second account and Free to Play so I have a Lot of Experience about this game , Also I have 4 Four star champs at this lvl , so I think I would be also a valuable player in your Alliance , Also I'm Active in Wars and Quests , Thanks
  • louinationlouination Posts: 13
    i would like to join this alliance , how do I get in touch with you?
  • VampLoveVampLove Posts: 13
    Add me as a friend in the game Vamp Love.
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