Maybe its time for a complete update

Greetings all
Firstly I want to start by thanking Kabam for this game. Yeah it can get frustrating at times. It can leave you totally excited. And then it can just deflate you completely. And for a lot of people, the frustration and angst forces retirement. Agreed that is peoples choice but if circumstances had been different most would still be playing the game and enjoying it.

So some things need to change.

Firstly the community needs greater transparency. You run a business by providing a product, the game itself and we the summoners are the customers. A large portion of the business should be based around customer satisfaction. The release of the drop rates was a step in the right direction but it was hardly a surprise to most as the drop rates were close to what most of us already suspected. How about we hear from the developers from time to time. Nearly all of our feedback we provide goes through the moderators and the replies from Kabam comes from the moderators. So a lot of our concerns are filtered by the moderators and get deleted or shuffled away and the people we want to actually converse with are unaware. An example of this is the sheer lack of responses from the moderators themselves to a lot of the Forum posts. How about a monthly blog from the CEO? Nearly every big business I know of has some sort of Letter from the CEO.

Next is the actual content. Firstly the monthly events. Over the last 5-6 months we have seen the difficulty level rise, especially in Master and in particular the end bosses. Last month it was Nameless Guillotine then this month it is Thanos (Infinty Wars version). Why the rise in difficulty? Agreed you need to feed the top echelons of players with harder content but isn't that what Uncollected level is for? Master difficulty should have stayed as it was. Just increase the difficulty level for Uncollected or introduce an Elite level to satisfy the top players need for more challenging content.
Next is AQ. You've already stated that AQ will be updated. When? How? This is what I'm talking about in terms of transparency. Please keep us, your customers, updated. Keep us interested.
Wars Seasons. The seasons need to be shorter. Simple. And I'm not going to get into the piloting issue. We've all heard enough about this, we're seeing the results of your 'Line in the sand' approach which is commendable. I will suggest one thing. Increase the energy levels from 5 to 10, for both Wars and AQ. This would go a long way to eliminating piloting. Not completely but it would certainly help. And how about removing rewards from the piloting Alliances and awarding the Alliances that lost with the winning rewards. Granted this could get difficult in determining an Alliances rank in Seasons but it only seems fair and just.
Next is Daily events. The payout for Tier 3 Class catalysts is, to put it bluntly, pathetic. At times I've had to do at least 8-10 runs in an effort to form ONE catalyst. One. This needs to be addressed. So often you'll get a new champ that you want to rank up but get stalled by a lack of class catalysts. And energy requirements, again, are too high. Difficulty levels on all quests are spot on, but the rewards and energy requirements need tweaking.
Arenas. Arenas are Arenas. As boring and mundane as they are, Arenas are just fine. Personally I rarely hit Arenas due to the fact that I get bored with them so quickly.
The Special Events and Challenges are also fine just don't throw so much at us at once. Currently we have Dungeons, War Seasons, AQ, Arenas, Monthly Event and we're just about to see Tom & Chadwicks Challenge finish. Now each of these have highly desirable rewards but we're really time poor in terms of getting it all done. 'So be selective' I hear you cry. Good point. But in order to achieve the Infinity Dust required to purchase certain goodies, you have to do the lot. So please try not to overload us with content.

Now all of this brings us to rewards. Rewards need to be improved across the board. Reward for effort or skill level is fine. However a new tiered level of rewards is warranted. For instance introduce better rewards across the board for summoners who've reached Level 60. This is the highest level in the game and would be a suitable benchmark and certainly something that new players can aspire to. At present you hit Level 60 and thats it. Nothing changes. Not even when you achieve Uncollected status. Yeah you get the opportunity to purchase better featured crystals and Uncollected Free/Daily crystals, but thats it. My suggestions are introduce a 4 star champ into Heroic similar to Normal level where you get a 3 star for 100% exploration. With the introduction of 6 stars, 4 stars values have dropped so why not throw a 4 star as reward for 100% Heroic exploration. A 4 star Awakening gem should also be included in 100% Master exploration.

Also please remove 40% and 50% XP prizes from Lesser and Greater Solo crystals for players who've hit Level 60. No need to explain. Why not throw 4 star Awakening gems into the Greater Solo crystals? Its a decent potential reward for the + Level 60 players.

Improve the 3 star and 4 star drop rates also across all crystals. Remember these improvements are only suggested for + Level 60 summoners.

And as a consequence the Uncollected rewards should be improved likewise in a similar fashion as to suggested improvements for + Level 60 players.

I know I've suggested a lot of changes here but I honestly believe change is needed. And these are minor tweaks or deserved improvements needed to rejuvenate the community. Build the excitement again. Give something for the newer players to aspire to whilst supporting the veterans. Help us to love this game again Kabam. Thats all we ask.


  • This should apply for Uncollected not Level 60. Uncollected has been the benchmark for progression for almost a year now. Why change that
  • Blitzkilla420Blitzkilla420 Posts: 561
    totally. aq needs higher rewards and they should reduce the cost of items in the glory store. eq needs to be like this months one - less energy and one path to 2 bosses.

    for aw either change rewards brackets or reduce rewards to lessen the incentive to cheat.

    they also need to revamp old characters and stop recycling old champs to make "new" ones.

    my suggestion anyway...
  • BahamutBahamut Posts: 2,123
    Very good and well thought out post. Kudos.
  • A_Noob_Is1A_Noob_Is1 Posts: 753
    have an event quest where seatin takes over kabam and reboot the game
  • MattyloMattylo Posts: 234
    I dont see how they dont see a large number of their end game players leaving. Its been how long since they made the changes to AQ and yet still no change in rewards. As a business they have to keep wanted the customer to keep paying and thier largest player base that pays is end game players. Not to say others dont make up a nice chunk.

    Just saying i enjoy the game even with all the errors and glitches. It is a phone game after all. But instead they keep creating these mini events which really lack any decent rewards for most and we have run out of things to do. I mean a 2 month AW season......can you have made it anymore boring its the same thing every time over and over not to mention the flaws in the system.

    There is pages upon pages of ideas and suggestions your customers provide and we get zero feedback. However these mini cash grabs are made that dont even give us what we have been asking for. I have played many games such as this and sadly once your top players give up its the begining of the end and you dont even seem to care. When the drop off happens it will be quick.
  • Potions and revives need a serious upgrade too. They cost a ton and Glory is nowhere near enough. Make them percentage-based because we're using potions designed for 3 and 4 stars in a 5 and 6 star meta. Surprised this hasn't been addressed yet.
  • Stagedear85Stagedear85 Posts: 330
    This post is right on point I can see kabbam closing this and say oh its not constructive, but I agree with this post and kabbam is losing a lot of its die hard summoners, I had 3 of our top guys in my alliance quit this week my other alliance 6 people quit the game which is why i'm in the alliance i'm in now and its the same trend.
  • LilbeargrrLilbeargrr Posts: 14
    I completely agree... master mode is way harder than it used to be and the rewards have gotten worse... we used to get 4* shards out of normal and 5* out of master and this is no longer the case... all difficulty levels have all been increased too such a ridiculous level that you need to study a few “how to” handbooks to learn each new character and node... while I know this is what the endgame youtubers with no jobs are searching for there’s many of us with families and jobs that still struggle to be uncollected or save enough shards for the blades of the game. I actually have to plan ahead and take 3 days off work if I want to win a top champs in arena and even that’s not guaranteed with all the bots and account sharers... uncollected content should be harder and maybe be the end gamers need another harder mode above uncollected... but please restore the rest of the game to its former rewards and difficulty mode so everyone else has the same chances to succeed and get shards that the end gamers got... btw I am also uncollected and a 3 year veteran
  • Blax4everBlax4ever Posts: 683

    Yeah the game player base is transforming, old vets leaving but new players are coming in.
  • Stagedear85Stagedear85 Posts: 330
    Blax4ever wrote: »

    Yeah the game player base is transforming, old vets leaving but new players are coming in.

    this is true but ive seen new players join and quit because when I just start playing 3 years ago everyone was on the same level or a little higher now u got 6 and 5 star for new players to progress it would take so long try doing AQ or AW with 2* champs or 3* champs or doing arena even in game quest is harder now that before. ive introduce this game to a lot of my friends and they play it for a week and quit.
  • LifeswickedLifeswicked Posts: 54
    I’d like to see an update to 3 day event rewards, also kabam really need to lower the amount of t1a to take a 5* from r1 to r2 5 is way to many
  • Blax4everBlax4ever Posts: 683

    One of the things I’ve been saying for quite some time is for Kabam to add content for the 2 and 3* champs that isnt available to higher star champs. They would be perfect for farming items. I don’t play much anymore, I’m just holding out hope that Kabam will revamp the game.
  • Hey everyone -

    First off, it took us a bit to get to this one and I apologize for that. I know you've been anticipating a response of some sort and I just wanted to quickly address that this forum is a place for the community with a sprinkle of moderators jumping onto threads here or there. We do our best to answer questions and concerns, but not every thread is going to be addressed. It doesn't mean we aren't reading them.

    The game team does look at the forums and we frequently share the community's feedback with them. With that said, we aren't always going to have a specific update for every mentioned issue right away. We update on matters when we can and have meaningful updates to share. It may be frustrating having to wait, but keep in mind that your feedback, concerns, bugs, etc... are all being shared.

    On top of that, we do have our teams updating the community every so often with new events in the form of videos. At times these will be our developers or our very own Miike and/or Ad0ra. This also goes along with a lot of our major announcements. Our developers are happy to share new and exciting updates and answer questions from you all. Keep in mind, the game team are very busy and have lots of responsibilities outside of the forums, but our moderator team is always here to help facilitate communication.

    A lot of the original post for this thread is in regards to this transparency and many different game suggestions that have been brought up before. I won't touch upon each of your suggestions as they vary from piece to piece, but this thread will be shared for feedback purposes.

    You mention wanting to see change and I can assure you that we are always looking for ways to improve both the game and our communication! We have 24/7 coverage across our media platforms. Even if you don’t notice it, we're here and we're always reading your threads, comments, tweets, posts, etc... Our community is large and we appreciate you all every single day. We know this game wouldn't be nearly as great as it is without all of you. That is why we have been working so hard to better our communication with y'all. :)

    Thank you for taking the time to write out your thoughts and concerns. We appreciate it each time and take all of it to heart. For future knowledge, please pay mind to how you're writing a post and how it works alongside our forum rules. With that said, we'll be closing this thread as rant threads are not allowed by our forum rules, as they tend to become a catch-all for complaints on any issue and go off the rails very quickly.
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