Which champs are meant to defeat The Collector(Act 5-Chapter 2)

Which champions are the most useful in Act 5? This would be very useful for myself and a bunch of people struggling to become uncollected.


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    Vision (both),hulk,OG DD,SE spidey
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    Not necessarily talking about act 5 in general, but for the Collector, there are a couple strategies if you've got a lot of skill and are looking to put a hurt on him without using a ton of items.

    Evasion: The Collector's specials cannot be blocked and are VERY difficult to evade via the Dexterity mastery. As such, champs who have passive evades can prove invaluable in the fight. Stark Enhanced Spidey, OG Daredevil, and Nightcrawler are the best champs for this application, but champs like Netflix Daredevil, Spider-Gwen, and Symbiote Spidey can also work in a pinch.

    Power control: There is no need to evade the specials if they are never used. Dormammu, OG vision and possibly Vulture (untested) are the best champs for this method as they have power control options from the start. Magik, Psylocke, and Vision AoU can also work, but need a bit of luck as their power control needs a little ramp up time.

    Both of these methods require a lot of skill and a little luck if you're looking to solo him. However, perhaps a more reasonable method is:

    Glass Cannon: Find a high damage per second champ and just go all out knowing full well you're going to need to pop some revives to kill him. Don't waste potions...just pop a single/team revive and head back into the fight. Do as much damage as you can in a short amount of time. Hyperion, Gwenpool, X-23, Black Panther, and Corvus Glaive are pretty good options for this method. For best results, stop your combo short of letting him get to an L1 and reset. Then start another combo for max damage. From this point on, hammer his blocks and go for intercepts whenever possible. Don't give him any breathing room and eventually you may even get to see his L3. It's pretty cool.
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