Looking For At Least Two Members To Join Platinum 3 Alliance On Saturday or Sunday

Please have a prestige of at least 6,000. In game name and lane ID are sportsfan365. Void is my top champ in game and Gladiator Hulk is my line profile picture.

We ranked in the top 200 of Gold 1 last season and this season we are currently in Platinum 3. We go to tier 3 sometimes and tier 4 the others. We do 3 wars a week. You don’t need to be a boss killer but we do request you be able to reliably clear your lane reliably without many deaths.

Aq is all map 5, top 400, 123+ million points. Ranking and points go up every week. Donations are standard to cover map 5,
134G, 29 BC, 13L.

In the 3 day alliance events, we get the alpha every time from the arena ones and the 4 star shards in item use and completion. So some arena is required. Last SA we hit number 7 in ranked rewards.

We are all serious about this game want to be the best we can. If you’re looking for a fun group of guys who want to do really well in the game then hit me up on line or in game


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