Make Future EQ 3.2 Similar to this Month's (one path, low energy, 2 strong bosses)

Maybe tone down a little versus current Thanos (or not) but I really enjoyed the change of pace for 3.2 and less energy / time for that. I even enjoyed the cut scenes to build up fight a little (as long as good spacing or temporarily boss doesn't attack like this month). The EQ is for the most part stale now and just gathering shards, etc. killing the same bosses several times over and over again. I much more enjoyed the single path like a boss run to build up something to look forward to at end of EQ.

For example, back when it was Sentry / Void month it would be have been cool if phases during the fight switched between Sentry and Void with a cut scene showing that. Other months where its a tag team like last month Proxima and Corvus you can have phases alternate between them and cut scene of one jumping in to aid the other
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