How to become competitive faster?

Hey guys and gals! I started playing 3 days ago, and I am really enjoying the game. I am just having a difficulty obtaining more powerful champions. I have five 3-Star champs and everything else is very weak. If you have any tips that you wish you knew when you started, please tell me, I could really use some help. Thank you so much!


  • TacoScottyTacoScotty Posts: 340
    Grind arena for new champs if you have time. That speeds up things a lot between shards for more crystals and once you have roster getting basic champs. It also helps with gold and units. Downside: lots of time

    Perk for new players is first two months you are not in the main pool so cutoffs are based on others in similar boat as you.
  • SpeedbumpSpeedbump Posts: 1,298
    Arena, arena, and more arena! Your in the beginners bracket right now, (the first 30 days) then the intermediate bracket (31-60 days) then Veterans after day 90 (I think). You will have the best chances at getting new champs there. After you are in veterans you will have to grind out millions of points for them! Good luck!

    Oh, and don't spend units on crystals!
  • Al_AhadHKGNAl_AhadHKGN Posts: 126
    Invest $ + Time
  • Don't sell champs
  • MoudouMoudou Posts: 50
    Thanks for your quick responses. I have a follow-up questions. When fighting in arena, why am I not allow to use my 3-star champions? Only my 2-star and 1-star champs show up. Thanks
  • SpeedbumpSpeedbump Posts: 1,298
    Click on the arena that allows you to use them. You might just be seeing the only one tho. A screen shot of the arena section could be helpful.
  • JustusCastrumJustusCastrum Posts: 149
    Play all the arena that you can all the time. Do this for 3 months and you'll have an amazing roster.
    Try to join an active alliance, specially one that is upper tier for rewards.
  • MoudouMoudou Posts: 50
    Thanks to all of you. You have been very helpful. @Speedbump, I was on 1-star and 2-star arena, that's why I couldn't use my 3-star champs -> lol noob mistakes. Thanks again
  • AngelicsignAngelicsign Posts: 391
    This is a good month to start with, the monthly event quest normal mode has the god tier stark spidey. If possible, Just focus to complete 100% and obtain it, you will find things going to be a lot easier.
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