I give up

This is now official BS it's been about 8 months yet there has been no word on he block bug or the fact that I can swipe back to evade and instead my champs stands in one spot and every time someone says something about it you give some stupid "copy and paste" reply like "what's your device and what version are you using" like if it was 1 device with the same problem it's understandable but more than one device with the same issue is a problem in your part.

And I'm playing a dungeon against superior iron man and he uses a SP 1 your game lad so bad that the screen doesn't even blacken like it does for an SP attack he just hits me is that my device?????

But there's an exploit on quake that no one knows about but you and thats gets patched instantly

Because of this me and my mates aren't spending another cent till these issues are resolved because this is a joke

Hyperion gains a cosmic prowess buff when he's power locked at 50% of a bar of power "Working as Intended"

Try to parry and you eat a 5-hit combo

This needs to be fixed
Just because you release a bunch of new content means we won't notice this


  • AjmarkAjmark Posts: 1
    Have you ever experience like when you press the special attack and it didn’t work. What champs does he just block. It happens to me i swipe back then nothinh happen my champ just stand there catching all the attacks. I’am so pissed everytime that thing happen.
  • TheBlackDefenseTheBlackDefense Posts: 101
    It has happened a few times I never noticed it though
  • TheBlackDefenseTheBlackDefense Posts: 101
    No more spending till it gets fixed
    Cause these things happen and we can't record it

    So it's considered as no proof

    So thats the only way they'll hear us
  • Mikea117Mikea117 Posts: 59
    If you have an iPhone 7 or higher (which I have the evade and block issues) there is a pre installed recording app that doesn’t count as 3rd party and such. You can use that to record for evidence.
  • Hey guys, I understand it can be frustrating when the game doesn't perform in the way you expect and we are constantly working to make improvements to that!

    We request device information along with other specific details to assist with any investigations which need to be carried out and to help identify possible causes and resolutions for anything which is not working in the intended way. We frequently test game performance across a wide range of devices, and ultimately, we want the game to run as smoothly as possible on as many devices as possible. However, we have found in the past that some performance issues are device or network-specific.

    The main discussions for reporting performance issues can be found in the links below. We kindly request that if anyone is having performance or lag related trouble, they contribute to the appropriate thread by providing the details which are outlined in the bug report template, located on page 1 of each discussion.

    - Android user performance issues thread.
    - iOS user performance issues thread.

    To help keep the Forum free from clutter, I'll go ahead and close this discussion. However, I want to thank you in advance for your patience and help as we work to address your concerns.
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