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Deadpool X-Force

If you are going to have a crystal for him for sale, you might want to think about buffing him. As he is now, he is one of the worst characters and definitely worst in the 6 star pool.

With the movie coming out it would have been the perfect time for it.

Plus, buff Carbage.


  • FallencircusFallencircus Posts: 229 ★★
    candyhero wrote: »
    carbage is another way to say carnage right?

    It is the Kabam way to spell it ;)

  • KillSwitchKillSwitch Posts: 137 ★★
    Kabam is only living up to their motto......"Fail big, or go home"
  • IOSJasoNIOSJasoN Posts: 470 ★★
    £20 for a 80% chance of a 3* Deadpool x force..
    Even if it was £20 for a guaranteed 4* Deadpool x force..
    There's just absolutely no way..

    I'm thinking this must be some kind of inside joke I'm just not getting right about now..
  • VoluntarisVoluntaris Posts: 1,133 ★★★
    just say no to xpool deadforce
  • 1966SG1966SG Posts: 45
    Tomorrow they will have the red suit for sale, guaranteed 4*, for $50 just to make everyone who bought today feel stupid. Plus that's how kabam makes more money!
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