Intermediate alliance looking for newer, but daily players

Summer has arrived and as such, a healthy number of our roster has vanished, apparently enjoying sunshine (yuck) over crystals (yeay!) Therefore we are recruiting again! A lot!

Our normal activity is running AQ map 2 five times and AW a couple times a week. We usually score in the 6 to 20% S.A. bracket for 400+ 4star and 5 star shards every other week. Assuming we can attract the right replacement members, we'll start doing map 3 also.

Additionally we're a pretty social alliance. We'd like people with personality! Be social! Or who at least say hi in alliance chat from time to time! Ok, just be able to put up with Ryanmacers' constant gabbing, that'd be impressive enough.

We're looking for players who want a place to grow while they level up. Our average member is level 30 to 45, and has a rating between 30,000 and 90,000. But everyone plays nearly every day, and participates in Alliance Quests and Alliance Wars.

If you're advancing at a fast pace and just need somewhere to hang out while you work to qualify for a higher end alliance, no worries! Have fun with us while it works for you, and no hard feelings if you need to move on!

To be specific, here are the requirements:

Have at least 3 champs with a rating over 2200.

The chat app "Discord" is required. It makes communication so much easier than the awful in-game tools we're given, and puts Line to shame.

Participate in alliance events... S.A. (save week and open week alternate), Completion, Duels, Item Use...

Donate each week. Minimum 1000 gold, chips or loyalty.

Other than that, we're just looking for fun, considerate, and all around cool people to level up with us.

If that sounds like you, please post here or contact me in game. You can find us in-game as [tHtL]

In game name:
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