Looking for a new home! Prestige 5285

Well experienced with 5×5. Can go with map6 by day1. Prestige 5285. Aw tier 5 or below and should be gold 1
Line I'd hari_ss.so
In game name The_Analyzer
Iceman is my top champ
Thank you


  • Bshansen1Bshansen1 Posts: 9
    SB 11 is looking for players. We are looking to get back to 10+ mil alliance. Lost some players after a merger. My line id is Bshansen1_Off_GMT-5. Hit me up if interested.
  • OzanovicOzanovic Posts: 18
    9+mln active europe based alliance. We do aq map55533 and aw gold 1 with 3 bg. We can use active players

    Lineid:0zanovic (the first 0 is the number zero)
    IGN:0zanovic (the first 0 is the number zero)
  • B012B012 Posts: 28
    hello there. we are currently runing 5x5 aq. we were platinium 3, but lost points due to piloting (actually we are gold 1) had to kick the piloting member so have free place for 3 members. if you interested and skilled enough add me ign bledi8891. our aim is platinium 3 or higher
    we apply only basic requirements. donation for 5x5, completion event
  • Mi_WarriorMi_Warrior Posts: 63
    Still looking for
  • Mi_WarriorMi_Warrior Posts: 63
    Need slot for 2 now. Prestige 5.3k and 6k
  • Mi_WarriorMi_Warrior Posts: 63
    Msgd u bledi @B012 on line.. get me there :) thanx
  • McocleeMcoclee Posts: 24

    Hello, looking for an alliance? Our alliance is reward and team focused.
    We complete SA weekly.
    We do aq 5 and war.
    We do a lot of the events.
    Looking for players around 200k and up like us.
    Message me for more information.
    Mcoc: $leeta$
  • Mi_WarriorMi_Warrior Posts: 63
    Got one. Thank you who contacted me
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