Brainstorm Idea for GHulk Synergy to Expland Face Me

Without Face Me being active, Gladiator Hulk is a mediocre champ for effectiveness although still very fun to play. I’d like to see his Face Me get activated more since it’s only active vs a couple champs like Magik and Mephisto.

Expanding Face Me would be like how Ghost Rider expands Blade’s danger sense to all villains. Any suggestions on exactly how they could do that and which champ/champs should expand that synergy?


  • bloodyCainbloodyCain Posts: 910 ★★★
    @HomerJBond You forget that Ghulk has 'Adoration of the Masses' a.k.a. crowd count

    The crowd count will give you +50% attack rating bonus as it continue to reach 100.
    When it reaches 100, you will get another +100% attack rating bonus plus another +50% attack rating from SMASH (a bonus when you reach 100 crowd count).

    That means at 100 crowd count = SMASH, you will get +200% attack rating for 7 seconds which is really good. And you are UNSTOPPABLE for the whole 7 seconds.

    Read his heavy attack bonus. You will get another +80% attack rating when SMASH a.k.a. at 100 crowd count OR after every 15 seconds.

    So now we know that even without Face Me, he still is a formidable champion.

    Just to add a little bit, his Face Me will also activate when he is under passive degen from Dormammu's awakened ability.

    A perfect champ to counter Mephisto's aura incineration, Magik's limbo, and Dormammu's passive degen.
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    HomerJBond wrote: »
    Without Face Me being active, Gladiator Hulk is a mediocre champ for effectiveness...

    Lol what
  • Cats73Cats73 Posts: 314
    He's an awesome and fun champ to play when face me isn't on, but when it is...
  • HomerJBondHomerJBond Posts: 105
    I strongly agree that he is arguably the #1 best Magik, Mephisto, and Dorm killer, for a half dozen reasons, but my favorite reason is that Face Me increases the use of the defender's special attacks which is a big help with avoiding that sp3 from mystic dispersion. He was also great vs the Thanos boss this month during that aura phase.

    I have GHulk as a 5* at r3 and when I take him to fight other defenders (not those 3 above) and compare him to my other attackers at 5*r3 or 4*r5, in most fights he takes longer and requires more total attack hits to get the KO. I'd estimate there are at least 25 other attackers that can average greater damage than him when face me isn't active over a longer quest. I use him regularly and I'm glad that I have him, but it would be great if "damage over time" had a broader range that it was applied to, and adding a synergy would be a cool way to do that.
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    I agree that a synergy that expands face me would be awesome because at the moment this ability feels almost non existing. it activates only vs 3 champs and maybe a handful of other nodes (starburst).

    However it's tricky because you can't give him face me for the whole fight like blade's danger sense, that would be over the top.

    One possibility would be to expand it to all dot debuffs. Face me will activate with the first tick of any dot. This way if your hit by a special that causes a dot, it inflicts full damage but once the dot ticks you get face me. This seems reasonable because it would only boost you once you have been hit, so it's more of a life saver than anything. It would make ghulk a amazing counter for bleed nodes thought.
    However it also gives you the possibility to utilize suicides. Because ghulk is poison immune it only would allow you to have an extra boost at the start of the fight. You still have the trade off of having to deal with recoil and the overall negative effects suicides have, but it allows players to utilize a unique play style, while giving ghulk a awesome start to the fight similar to corvus.

    Such a synergy would make most sense with Thor or black widow.

    Beside this I really liked the way he was initially designed according to data mining. If the crowd hit 0. Face me would activate for 7 secs. This would give a nice counter to passive enemies that are a pain for ghulk
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