Looking for Adult/AW focused Alliance. 5900 prestige.

_ASDF__ASDF_ Posts: 1,698 ★★★★
I would like to be in an ally headed towards or in Gold 1 or higher. Tired of placement BS in my ally. Wanting map 55333 max in AQ. All Map 3 would even be fine. Also, want to take a 5* to R4 for defense soon. Open to deciding which. Cool chill people and adult. Please. Haha





  • hi How many points does ur alliance have
  • Hey check out Artillery X-men and message me on line if interested. We are Gold1 and run map 5x5 but have no issues completing it. Have our miniboss and boss killers in place. So days 4 and 5 are not that stressful on everyone. Line ID is crtaylorz11 or in game ¥DaemonBlackfyre¥
  • McocleeMcoclee Posts: 24
    Hello, our alliance is reward and team focused.
    We complete SA weekly.
    We do aq 5 and war.
    We do a lot of the events.
    Looking for players around 200k and up like us.
    Message me for more information.
    Mcoc: $leeta$
  • VtotheOVtotheO Posts: 103
    We like to run map 5x5, and play AW simultaneously. My in-game name is Vinicio O., and I’ve sent you an invite. We are a very friendly bunch.
  • SalathrosSalathros Posts: 41
    Hi, not sure if you have found an Alliance, we are well established 11m alliance, we run map5 daily, tier 9 in AW ATM gold 2, would be great to have you onboard, my life e & game I'd is salathros
  • We have 15 members. and most have 500000 rating. We need more members. please join us. Look for me at Martin Immortal in the game.
  • Nova9000Nova9000 Posts: 35
    Looking for members rn of ur caliber. If interested hit me up on here group me line app or in game
    Novab9000 on line or here
    Novb9000 on group me or in game
  • JayMMJayMM Posts: 69
    Hi I’m the leader of a gold 1 alliance looking for 1 player we do 5x5 but aq pays for itself if you want to chat add me in line
  • nvrcmecomin1nvrcmecomin1 Posts: 160
    Find me on line & we can talk.
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