We are looking for more active players for out alliance, very active in war, 7m alliance

Hey, we need some active players to move forward, we are almost a gold rated alliance. Running maps 53533, small donations required as a result. We are pretty chill as long as you are active there will be no problems. Line is best but hit me up in game first. Our alliance tag is 17773, suicide squad, add me to talk


  • Tyu15Tyu15 Posts: 78
    We are an alliance wanting to do 5x5 and 3 wars per week. We were about 9.5 mill, but we just lost a bunch from a failed merger. We have around 12 spots open. Would u be willing to move?
  • MsHowlettMsHowlett Posts: 27
    We have like 25 good members so just looking to fill the last 5 up, good luck though
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