Blade Arena Round 2- Should I grind for him?

Hey, I got my first blade at 8 mill on round 1, but I am still deciding whether or not to go for him on round 2. I have exams to do in a week, but they aren't very big, (I only care about English, Science and Maths), but people are saying that I should just revise harder for the exams. I know that I can probably get away with getting blade awakened and getting good marks for the exams, because I have a decently good roster for Infinite streaking (34 max 3 stars, 3 Rank 5 four stars, 17 Rank 4 four stars, 20 Rank 3 four stars, 2 Rank 2 four stars), and a **** ton of 1.5 k pi champs, so I can get away with reverse sandbagging, (1 Rank 4 four star and 2 Rank 1 four stars), more than enough, and I have about 500 units, (Could get to about 700-750 depending on how much the arena crystals favour me), meaning I can use my 3 Rank 5 four stars for a huge burst at the end of the arena, (at least 1 - 2 mill, if I apply boosts and use my units,.) I can get about 600k per 2 hours of infinite streaking and I can grind during my Geography and IT classes (This discussion was created during my IT class), but I am still unsure whether or not to grind. If I get blade, I can do so much more in this game, but if I don't, I have a bit more revision time. Depending on how well I study today, the Round 1 cutoffs, and the advice given by the community, and the cutoff predictions, I will make my decision.


  • rockykostonrockykoston Posts: 750
    I don't know man, I never put games over/ahead my studies, been playing video games for atleast 20 years now.

    There's a time to play and then there's a time to study. Gaming can be addictive but it won't let you re-take your exams. From where I come, even a percent of marks could make or break your career. Your decide at what point are you in life, there's always unimportant exams and then there's the life changing ones.
  • DoonxDoonx Posts: 122
    I duped him using 150units from Old Dog Crystal. So lucky today 😎
    Also, I'm only in 9th grade, this is a mid year exam
    So it isn't nearly as important as people think, and it isn't a make or break career exam
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    Seems to me like deep down you know it's stupid to waste time grinding for Blade when you have exams coming up. If you truly believed it would be worth the time, you wouldn't be here asking about it.
    So it isn't nearly as important as people think, and it isn't a make or break career exam

    It is important. 9th grade results might not directly be THE most important thing for colleges, but it sets up your future in high school, which then sets up your path to college. That's if you're interested in college.
  • EpistriatusEpistriatus Posts: 644 ★★★
    I have no idea what 9th grade is (european based player here), but to put a mobile game in front of your real live is just plain dumb. Have fun playing this game, have more fun in real life ;)
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