14 mil alliance recruiting 1 player to grow with US

Very stable alliance with very low turn over. Most player have been in for over 2 years.
We are looking for a player that will grow with us.
The perfect candidate will have at least 3 R4 5 stars and have completed act 5 at least once and eager to 100% it.
we don't care about prestige arena or duels.
We are a 5X5 alliance and we finish it everyday very very easily. top 400.
We are focusing our effort in AW to reach platinum 3
US base player is preferred but not mandatory.

Contact me in LINE at jerry78180 if you are interested or have questions


  • JeryG8terJeryG8ter Posts: 64
    We are looking again
    Please PM me in game
  • JeryG8terJeryG8ter Posts: 64
    This post need an update
    We are a 15 mil alliance now and we are looking for reinforcements in between season.
    We still do 5X5 and we are going to finish top 100 in gold 1 we didn’t not try to push for platinum but next season we will.
    So we now need a player that completed act 5 100% and can finish his line in AW. US base player preferred. If you are not burn out and your alliance is slowing you down we might be the right option.
    We are super friendly and we are a group of friend that still having fun getting better and cursing kabam every chance we get 😂

    My line name is jerry78180 please contact me there.
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