Who to rank 5 (Science)

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I have 3 Science T4C, and is hard for me to decide who to rank up. options:
4* Captain America WWII (Sig 20).
4* Yellowjacket (Sig 20).
i personally like Yellowjacket better, but people tell me that Cap is more useful. so i don't know.

Who to rank 5 (Science) 43 votes

Captain America WWII
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  • Captain America WWII
    Cap has more utility, perfect block, longer stuns, and a big bleed.

    It all comes down to who you play best tho, so good luck. :)
  • GunzoGunzo Posts: 719
    Captain America WWII
  • AakashAakash Posts: 338
    @Alpha07 I think Cap is a better champ but if you personally like yellow jacket more then you should go with him. The thing with yellow jacket is that he is great for both offence and defence.
  • Captain America WWII
    Cap for sure man... takes 0 damage when duped against map 5 dormamananauaua
  • AakashAakash Posts: 338
    And I have WW2 at R5 sig level 99 and I just use him for AWs sometimes he is very good but probably not as good as others say
  • DarkZenDarkZen Posts: 80
    Either are great but choose champions that have synergy with other top champions you have
  • MonasouMonasou Posts: 140
    if they ever get around to fixing yellowjacket's timing issues i'd say him. right now you cant land his specials after a combo. makes him weaker on offence and really only decent on defense if you place him on a "Cant block special 1" node
  • jp2835jp2835 Posts: 111
    Ww ll for attack
    Yj can be used as both of them
  • Yellowjacket
    YJ on unblockable sp1 node really good against mystic champs because of power sting.
  • BornBorn Posts: 228 ★★

    YJ has limited uses. His SP1 is too easy to evade to place him on defence. He could be use in attack but WW2 would still be a better option for attack in most cases.
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