**Login Issues - Update Aug 9**
Hotfix 36.1.1 is now live. This fix targets errors while logging in that some summoners faced. Manual update may be required.

alliance WAR boss bugs?

its just happened to me. i fight 5* modok unduped as boss in alliance war. when i enter the war, the boss health is already around 66%. then i do fight with my Hawk Eye... i take down modok health to 8% then my hawk eye is dead.

then... strange thing happen, when i back to the map... i see modok health is 8%, then my friend alliance going to take down modok and surprise... modok health back to 66%??? is modok now can regen??? or this is new bugs?

my game id: shandora, if your team check my fighting data, you can see that i already take down that modok to 8%.

is this new bugs?
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