5 Star Rank 5 MorningStar - LF advice for LOL (first run)

I'm looking to tackle LOL for the first time and I'm planning on taking my highest rank champ, my 5 star rank 5 morningstar.

I'd like to solicit any and all advice!! Specifically I'm looking for:
Best team synergy - I was thinking Mephisto so when I revive I can spam the L1 immediately. I also read something about crit teams not being the best option for LOL due to diminishing returns on crit rate.
Some options I have that could be considered: 5 star rank4 Yondu, Iceman, Hyperion,
6 star Angela (+20% buff time) is that worth it?

Any specific matches that will be difficult for MS? Should I bring a different champ just for them?

Thank you so much!


  • Mr_PlatypusMr_Platypus Posts: 1,159 ★★★★
    I’d take the Angela along just as a second champ, if you have even just a 4* hela that would also help you out with the Angela synergy (20% chance when receiving fatal blow to heal 20% hp, chance increases with each KOd champ on the team, basically a free revive sometimes).
    Then I’m not sure what to go with for the final 2 places
  • AWfocusedAWfocused Posts: 131
    You don't need a Crit or Attack team. That's mostly needed for SOME 5* R4 champions to hit 2k attack and get a longer enraged timer. At R5 your Morningstar will naturally be over 2k attack, so no crit/attack teams are needed. Before you go in, focus on how you're going to take Magik down for your first go.

    A R4 Gwenpool, 4* 5/50 Blade could do it, etc.. even Morningstar plus Max suicides and using 3/3 Pacify mastery could help, there's many different ways you can approach Magik, but look at your roster and go from their to complete your LOL easy path w/ as few units as possible. Generally an Odin worth of units for your first run is standard.

    Some people use more and some use way less, when it comes to units depending on your existing saved stash of revives, potions, and free 4 hour crystals.
  • AWfocusedAWfocused Posts: 131
    Also, think about how you're going to take down War Machine. Falcon isn't too bad. Would recommend you look at several LOL easy path videos online before going at it.
  • MasterFlintMasterFlint Posts: 96
    Thank you so much for the comments, is it the limbo damage from Magik that will make the fight hard, or the fact that she will regen?

    I'll also start to watch some videos as well, good suggestion even if they're using champs that I don't have.
  • Hulk_77Hulk_77 Posts: 782 ★★★
    Honestly, get to 5 souls and you shouldn't have too many problems at all on the easy path. I agree that adding Angela and Hela together would be super useful for her.

    Remember at 5 souls you'll have crazy great blocking and health steal on attacks, you should have zero problems absorbing the block damage from champs like War Machine and Falcon.
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