Help Choosing AW Defenders

Five Star: Ultron
Four Star Duped: Medusa (Sig 39), Void (sig 49), Abomination (Sig 20)
Four Star Unduped: BP CW, Dorm, SM MM, AV, Hulk, Cable, Kingpin, Punisher 99, Nightcrawler, Green Goblin, Morningstar, Quake

Some of these are not ranked up at all, so I want to pick 5 and upgrade them specifically.


  • Primmer79Primmer79 Posts: 2,689
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    The great (/s) thing about this game is that as soon as you rank up a 4*, you'll get a better 4*. or more 5*.

    From what you have, I can give a few suggestions, but you have options.

    5* Ultron - useful beyond AW Def.
    4* duped Medusa and Void - Elite defenders, albeit 4*, and useful beyond AWD.
    4* unduped:
    NC- If your alliance ends up going for diversity, theres always 4-5 NC that just sit on the bench in the BG, so meh, good for defense, but be prepared not to use him. But he is better for defense when unduped.
    BPCW - strictly for AWD, and doesn't need to be duped.
    Cable - I don't use mine, and Ive seen mixed reviews about him on offense, but hes a good counter to blade on defense.
    Quake - Doesn't need to be duped to be used to her full potential. Average defender, Good for offense.
    Punisher 2099 - Annoying specials and a different champion for defense.

    MS is an honorable mention for AWD once you dupe her, Ive heard good things about her for offense even unduped.

    Edit: To be more direct, I wouldn't rank specifically for defense because your defense will change when you get more champs. I would focus on ranking Void, Medusa, and Ultron, and once you're done there, see if you get any new champions.
  • linuxlinux Posts: 261
    I'd probably do Ultron, Medusa, Void, NC, GG. A more detailed explanation:

    Ultron: rank him up anyway. Not a great defender, but useful as doubly immune with healing; and as a 5*, he's an OK defender.

    Medusa duped: rank up for AWD or AWO or questing.
    Void duped: rank up for AWD or AWO or questing
    NC unduped: rank up for AWD, but be aware he gets easier if duped. I place for AWD (unduped 4/55); I like fighting him (IMO he's not hard), but many people struggle, esp in lower tiers

    Green Goblin: OK for AWD. Rank him up if no one else is bringing him right now.

    Abomination: meh. could rank up for AWD if no one in your BG has
    BP CW: meh. could rank up for AWD if no one in your BG has.
    SM MM: meh. could rank up for AWD if no one in your BG has.
    AV: meh. could rank up for AWD if no one in you BG has.
    Cable: meh. could rank up for AWD if no one in your BG has.
    Quake: meh. could rank up for AWD if no one in your BG has. sometimes her stun can be difficult for folks

    Morningstar: decent defender once duped (on a node with power gain and high MD), also useful for AWO or quests

    Hulk: don't rank up for AWD (esp not duped)
    KP: I often see him on 24/buffet (t1-t3), but he's not particularly hard; I wouldn't rank up for AWD
    Punisher 99: I don't think he's a good AWD champ
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