Getting ready for uncollected

Hey what is the best team to have before i try for uncollected .... I already got luke cage green goblin awaken 4/40 and Dr voo doo , night crawler . Hyperion. Red hulk. All 4* I got Loki. luke cage and sad to say ant man as 5*
So what you think


  • zackb213zackb213 Posts: 84
    Might be better off waiting
  • Jaybad101Jaybad101 Posts: 11
    Dont get me wrong I'm not going today are tomorrow still need to finish act 4 chapter 2 so I'm no where near ready .... just don't want to rank up champs that I don't got any use for and that what happening
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 2,966 ★★★★★
    Out of those champs, you might want to prioritise Hyperion, Rulk and Voodoo; possibly Luke Cage.

    Winter Soldier is a solid skill champ, but you may well get a better one before you get as far as Act Five.

    Psylocke is a difficult champion to use; but if you get really good at using her, you can totally control the game.

    I don't have Green Goblin, so can't comment much - he's a pain to fight, though.
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