War Synergies

So yeah I read about this before and of I remember it accordingly Kabams answer was... „its not fair to fight opponents with diverse synergies you can not recognize before / at the Start of a fight“

Eben tho this is what you experience from a certain level in AW with hidden Node and Enemy Information and with one or another special effect Kabam regularly provides us with... but I guess thats another Story 😉

So heres my idea as I think defense synergies would give AW a complete new dimension and a significantly deeper strategic and skill-/knowledge-/reasearch-based approach:

Watching your own base, there are two buttons: one for the opponents attack squads and one for your own defensive status including kills.

Just mirror that to offense where theres only one overwiev for your own attack squads. So just add a Second Button on offense, where the opponents Defense is Lined up player by Player.
And provide/hide the same information as you do on the war Map itself.
In that way difficulty would increase a bit depending on How much information is provided and you could activate synergies.

Imagine a high Level Ally that today guesses from node to Node whos gonna be the next enemy - and tbh it is not that difficult to guess which Opponent awaits you with gathered experience on the „new“ AW Map.

So with the mentioned overview you could do the educated guess for every opposing account and Even guess the probable synergies ones gonna Face...
Or in lower tiers you just have to Look which synergies are active and get really prepared.

By doing this increase the rewards a bit (20%) and make it a win-win for everyone...Vetter rewards, active synergies, another skill-based Element in the game...

And thoughts on this?
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