Why do you insist...?

NarcuulNarcuul Posts: 115
I don't understand why you insist on forcing the older, clearly less useful champions on the player base.

While I am not a fan of dungeon, I did enough to purchase one of the 5* crystals with dark artifacts. While this post is partially a gripe session, I also sincerely wonder the thought process behind the list in each crystal. I was quite happy to see that each crystal did contain several of the newer, top tier champions, but I also noticed around half the champions included were older, less useful ones, champions that would do little more than participate in arena.

I saw a comment made about these crystals that they were not intended to make our rosters stronger, but to just help round it our more (not a quote, I apologize if misrepresent the spirit of this comment). This was mentioned when the complaints about milestones being based on prestige arose.

If prestige is one of your best methods to determine roster strength, and you only intended to offer these crystals to the top players, how did you arrive at the list of champions you did. It is quite clear in the community, and I have to believe this transfers over to the game team, that not all champions are created equal, and more than half have little use in the game. This excludes a developing roster where stars matter much more than abilities, but it seems that these crystals were not intended for them anyways.

This seems to be a common theme with the special crystals as of late. Even the featured crystals have an assortment of champions, some useful, few top tier (excepting maybe the newest ones), and many useless ones. I feel like these older, less champions get plenty of circulation with the basic crystals, so why are they continuously included in all the crystals with specific champions included? You have stated that there is intent to update the older champions, and while I get that this process could be slow (it has been), why not wait on pushing these outdated champions until they have been updated? They don't strengthen stronger rosters, they don't even improve middling rosters, and for the life of me, other than rewarding lucky players and punishing unlucky players, I cannot see why they continue to get included in the newer designed crystals.

It is getting the to the point of luck>skill.
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