7m alliance, pushing gold, looking for active members

Okay here we go.
[17773] suicide squad 2018
We keep flipping in and out of gold and silver but by the end of season we will be gold rated no problem.
Alliance wars are required but we run 3 battle groups and are very organized with that.
Alliance quest we run maps 5&3 depending on if we are in attack for aw.
Donations are 54k gold, 12kbc, and 5k loyalty (easy to get with rewards from maps and wars)
We hit sa weekly
Anything I’ve left out hit me up and I’ll tell you.
Line @kate.kirkham display name is MsHowlett
Or find me in game, MsHowlett


  • MsHowlettMsHowlett Posts: 27
    Still have some spots only if you’re interested I guess lol
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