Is quake a good damage dealer??

I'm pretty new to playing quake, and after having adopted the stacking aftershocks fighting style, I'm curious how her damage stacks up against other damage dealers like archangel or stark spiderman. Does she actually deal more damage, or is the unconventional and much more exhausting fighting style a hoax?
Also, how good is she overall? Is she worth maxing out (four star, unduped) over rogue (four star, unduped)?


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    She’s amazing if you get good with her. Think power control cuz they don’t get power. Imagine not having to hit champs and evading when they hit you.

    Sparky is God Tier top 5 champ in the game. AA is also amazing but limited to non immune champs and is countered heavy by AQ nodes.

    So you kind of asked a loaded question and compared her to some of the best. She does stand up there as a strong counter to a lot of problems.
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    Stark, AA, and Quake are each very unique in how they deal damage and is really difficult to compare each other on an apples to apples basis. They are each potentially insane damage dealers if played to their full potential.

    Stark does need to build up his poise charges, so he does need a bit of ramping up but once there is a beast. You need to be good at evasion-style fighting for him to really shine (which I suck at).

    AA (like said above) is very contingent on the opponent being able to bleed/poison, and it's also dependent on RNG a bit with how quickly he can stack bleeds and convert poisons to neurotoxins. Once there, he can kill an opponent faster than anyone I've played with and with the fewest "normal" hits. Your parry-heavy game needs to be spot on for this to work best, which isn't always the case in AW with limber and reduced stun lengths.

    Quake is amazing in that she can kill without laying a finger on the opponents. I had screenshots of my 4/40 Quake killing 10k+ PI champs with only 1 or 2 hits. That being said, those are long fights because you're constantly charging up aftershocks and waiting for that timer to hit. Where Quake really stands out is her ability to walk through the Mystic Dispersion trap known as AW. For the really long fights, you'll eventually find yourself pinned against the wall unless you include some "normal" fighting.

    If I were to choose between the 3 (I have all 3 at 5/50 now), I would use Stark for short fights where I need quick damage, Quake for mid-length fights (like AQ/AW), and then AA for the long fights (Uncollected EQ, ROL, bosses).
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    When used correctly, she's bomb.
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    It's not just about raw damage. Quake is in a small group of champs who win in unique ways; like Psylocke who can be used to completely and permanently Power Lock if used properly. These champions don't win by raw damage, but by fighting on their own terms.

    Quake's ability to charge-heavy is an effective form of power control (as mentioned above), combined with reducing all ability accuracy by 100%. This means if your opponent has triggers like going over a bar of Power, or under a certain health %, you only need to do a charge-heavy for long enough to get past it, and you're golden.

    Brilliant for dealing with most of the Iron Man clones (a bit less so with IMIW, but still better than most), Magik, Mordo, Ultron, BPCW, Switch, Groot or OML.. Also incredibly effective against Arc Overload nodes, Strike Back, Thorns, Spiked Armour...

    Quake doesn't need to be Awakened - you'll hardly ever block with her if you're fighting Quake-style, so don't need her Sig. She also doesn't rely on her Specials for damage (although they're pretty good if you do use them), so can even cope pretty well with being Power Locked.

    If you do need to actually hit your opponent (she's not really designed to combat Prove Yourself, for example), she's also got one of the highest base Attack rates in the Science class. So yes she's a Good damage dealer. Not one of the best, but her all-round utility is extraordinary.

    Just to show I'd put my money where my mouth is:


    Should I go on?

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