Serious About Growing Your Roster... Join THE Fastest Growing Alliance In MCOC

We are an alliance led by former BIG players. Started new accounts, and doing it right from the beginning. In our first 3 weeks, we've accomplished 2nd Ranking in SA, Silver AW status and average player went from 20K to 40K-50K.

If You Want...
-To be in an alliance that will be in serious contention.
-To gain experience and expertise from experienced players.
-Fair, honest leadership that is organized, helpful, and willing to make the tough decisions.
-Serious rewards.

We are the alliance for you.

What We Need From You...
-Show up on-time for AQ and AW.
-Let your BG know when you'll be gone for more than 3 hours.
-Arena Combat - 2K minimum
-Completion - 10K minimum
-Item Use - 1K minimum
-Summoner Advancement - Weekly 5K minimum

You Need To...
-Be Level 40+ or Higher
-Have LINE app

We look forward to have you be part of the fastest growing alliance in MCOC.

Contact me on LINE or In-Game: Kaspam
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