Dealing with Node 44

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So, basically I am on Path 9 every war and that Node 44 is becoming a huge issue for me, even more than the mini boss node. I am still a relatively new player with only 6 months under my belt and rated 210k, fighting in Tier 8-9 (I think).

My AW attack options are -
5* 3/45 - Archangel (U)
5* 3/45 - Hyperion (U)
4* 4/40 - Blade (D)
4* 4/40 - Ghost Rider (U)
4* 4/40 - Medusa (D)
5* 2/35 - Mephisto (U)

I also have Morningstar (3/30 - D), Mephisto (3/30 - D), Nebula (3/30 - U), Vision AOU (4/40 - U)
FYI, the node has 2 annoying characteristics -
Unblockable SP1
Inflicts Bleed

So, what is the best team / way to take down that node?
Can I get some practice somewhere for such a node?
Ghost Rider's damage seems a bit low to take down (lets say) a 17k non-evade champ or a 12k evade champ in 3 minutes.


  • rockykostonrockykoston Posts: 750 ★★★
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    What up Rocky,

    It can be an annoying node for sure. Your best bet with this node is a bleed immune. Ghost rider is good so is Nebula. Nebula will take lots of block damage if you are trying to build shock charges... eventually you may get a Proxima and she will buff Nebula by starting her with 10 shock charges.

    So yea Ghost Rider is your best bet as far as damage output goes I recommended youtubing some vids on him and going from there. To deal with the unblockable sp1 you just have to remember all the different specials and what it takes to dodge them. I know Dorky Dave has his Ninja series to help with some.

    As your alliance moves up in tiers the unblockable sp 1 will change to spite. Which basically increases there power any time you have a buff. Best bet I think is Vision, whichever one you get... he will be bleed immune and he won't get buffed except for dexterity.

    Hope that helps.
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