Where to use Tier 4 Skill & Mystic Class Catalysts

I have 3 Tier 4 Skill and 3 Tier 4 Mystic Class Catalysts and trying to decide where to spent them first. I'm leaning towards using the mystic first, but here are the options...

On the Mystic Front
I think it is a toss up between 4 Star Duped Dr. Voodoo and 5 star unduped Magik, but here are all the options in case I'm missing something.
  • 4 Star Duped Dr. Voodoo
  • 5 Star unduped Magik
  • 4 Star duped Jane Foster
  • 4 Star unduped Mordo
  • 5 star unstoppable colossus (unduped, but probably will be duped in 3 months)
  • 4 Star Gullotine
  • 4 Star duped Loki
  • 4 Star unduped Juggernaut
  • 4 Star unduped Iron Fist

On the Skill Front
  • 4 Star DD Classic Maxed Duped
  • 4 Star XBones Duped (level 20)
  • 4 Star Black Widow (unduped unfortunately)
  • 4 Star Karnak Duped
  • 4 Star BP (Classic)
  • 4 Star BP (AOU)
  • 4 Star Hawkeye (unduped)

I'm not feeling I have any clear winners in the skill area. I like DD hand I use him a lot. He's got good blocking and his auto-evade is handy, but I feel like Kabam is adding stuff to nerf his autoevade (ie the new Punisher). XBones is what I use for Thorns/Ability reduction, as he's all I got. He does great damage, but I find his survivability is pretty poor and with MD he's often a liability in alliance war. I'm tempted to try and awaken Black Widow as I do have Quake and Hawkeye for the crazy synergy. I guess the other option is to wait for Elektra or Gwenpool.
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