6.8 mil alliance looking for active, loyal members

We are PHEAR Ascending, a friendly alliance who are looking for 10 active and loyal members.

We communicate via Facebook Messenger. Due to not having a full compliment of members we are currently running 5 x Map 3 and 2 AW groups. We are hoarding crystals bi-weekly.

Once we get back to full compliment of 30 members we will go back to running 5 x Map 5 and 3 AW groups. We will also not hoard as we do make weekly SA with full 30 members.

Treasury when we run 5 x Map 5 is 135K gold, 30k battle chips and 12500 loyalty.

We would ask that you are over level 50, and have strong 4 star and 5 star champs to see you through AQ and AW, and also have a very good understanding and common sense approach in the completion of both AQ and AW.

We understand people have real lives outside of the game but do ask that you are active as possible to help get both yourself and the alliance to where we need to be - winning!!

We are willing to look at single players or groups.

Please add me, gone-again, or one of my Officers in game if this is something you could work with.
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