Uncollected rewards

AmazingDeadpoolAmazingDeadpool Posts: 85
edited May 2018 in Suggestions and Requests
As we all know that being uncollected is amazing but there should be a little more benefits.
First:5 star featured arena should have grandmaster crystal shards in milestones.
Second:Instead of having the log in crystals which usually you get a 3 star you should give the uncollected an uncollected log in crystal which guarantees a 4 star which a chance of a 5 star since 3 stars are useless for people who have r5 4 stars and even r5 5 stars.
Third:Change the 4 star hero deals to 750 units since 4 stars are easily accessible for uncollected players.
I hope you take some consideration about my suggestion and also these rewards would encourage more players to beat the collecter and attracts more people it is a win-win Kabam situation
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