Communication Constructive Feedback

There was a post similar to this a few weeks back, but in light of the recent outages I thought I would recreate it and (attempt to) provide constructive feedback around communication.

I understand that it is not possible for Kabam to provide information when they don't have any - and providing information before they are ready to could lead to inaccurate information being circled.

What I would like to see in the future, is after an issue has been identified, worked on and resolved - is a summary write-up of sorts, detailing out the information for the players who want to know more about the issue. Similar to the change log, but in a little bit more detail.

Also, a fun/good thing to try would be to identify (in the post calling out the fix) one of, or some of the people who brought the issue forward. Positive re-enforcement, of a sort.

At present, if/when an issue is identified, unless it is consistently and constantly being asked about, we often have no updates on it. While I know some issues take a longer time to fix, bugs don't go from 'broken' to 'fixed' in a day, there's definitely (in my opinion) room for an update or two before the 'fixed' part of that path, and that is what I would like to see.

Example - with the server outages issue we are currently experiencing, I'd like to see something like the below in the future!

Announcement of Issue: (This is a thing that is happening)
Follow up on announcement: (We have not identified the issue, but we have ruled out X, Y, and Z, and continue to triage.)
Announcement of Issue Identification: (We now know what is broken, and are working on a fix!)
Announcement of Issue Resolution: (We now have a fix for what was broken, here is when it is coming!)

This is a pattern I have seen Kabam follow on occasion, but it is not consistent, and that is what I would like to see changed! Thoughts?
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