We are currently working to fix a known issue regarding Alliance Prestige. With the introduction of Relics, Summoner Prestige is now the average PI of your Top 5 Champions and the average PI of your Top 5 Relics (regardless of which Champion they are attached to) combined.

Today we pushed a fix that will allow for proper reward calculations in Alliance Quests. However, the display for Alliance Prestige will not be accurate and does not include Relic Prestige. This is a display issue only.

War crystal loyalty rewards ?

OmniOmni Posts: 574 ★★★
Has anyone noticed a decrease in loyalty in these crystals ? I remember getting 4K loyalty as a reward frequently.

Now that season 2 has started and people have been using more loyalty to purchase from the loyalty store...it’s unfortunate that I’m receiving xp and arena boosts regularly instead.

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