The Hood-Is he still valuable?



  • I really want the hood
    But I have ghost rider is that good
    The Hood is my first Rank 5 4* champion.. And yes, he's about all the utility.. Once i had gratefully maxed him out is the Web-Slinger Challange.. Against unblockable SP1 SpideySymbiote, he's a beast, man.. Plus the preemptive nullify, hex Magix and Shock.. Yes, he's the man with the great utility.. Just my purest opinion..
  • TitoBandito187TitoBandito187 Posts: 671 ★★★
    Seatins list is a tool, not gospel. He always says it’s just his opinion. It is intended to give new and progressing players a focus so they don’t waste resources ranking up garbage like unduped Ironman, just because he’s a fan favorite from the comics or Avenger movies. There’s a lot to learn about unique moves, synergies and who needs to be duped or not. At least he takes the time to make the videos and spreadsheets based off his gameplay and experience. He’s just one guy though. Gotta check out profhoff, dorky dave, Brian, lagacy, Becca, etc too. There are a ton of youtubers with their own preferences and knowledge, some conflicting and some overlapping.

    As for Hood...great champ. Mystic pool is very deep though. Lots of different utility to pick from. Most would probably rank SW and Voodoo higher but it’s all based on the utility you need and the champs you hav access too. I barely got SW a couple months ago, don’t have any voodoo and don’t have any Hood after a year of playing.
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    I have awakened 5* The Hood R3.
    In next week i think i have enought cc4 mystic catalysts (so hard to me get the mistic ones!!) and i can put him in Ranking 4.
    I am little unsure about that. I love play with him, just when aw starts i usually put him in AWD as mini unblockeable sp2. But now with Morningstar, i think i will use him more in Offense.

    You think he deserves go to R4?

    And between him and awakened 5* Rogue, who you prefer to put R4?
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