War ratings adjustment

I received an email that someone in my alliance broke terms, so our alliance was docked in our war rating. Why am I not notified of the rule breaker so I can protect my alliance? If that person breaks the rules again my alliance will get docked again and possibly lose a member anyways. That email is very vague and doesn't seem fair at all.


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  • Tupac4lifeTupac4life Posts: 3
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    Our war rating dropped around 450 points and we get no explanation. That's the definition of kabaamed.
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    While i feel you be notified so you can take action against the offender.
    That is also why kabam wont tell you who.
    Kabam will not say who in fear of enticing cyber bullying.

    Think about it if kabam tell you who it was and then the entire ally begin cyber bullying this memeber. (Whether or not it is deserved) this is not something that kabam can entice or been seen to allow it to happen.
    They need to protect themselves and the saftey of these players.
  • It has always been our policy to protect the details of any players who we have found to be cheating in the Contest. This is a privacy policy that we have always adhered to, and we have addressed this in multiple locations previously. Regardless of whether or not you agree with this policy, it's not one that is up for debate on these Forums.
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