Buffed Ant-Man Champion Spotlight

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Character Class: Science

Signature ability: Pym Gas Control
As long as Ant-Man has more power than the opponent, all of the opponent’s attacks have a 35% - 60% (increased by signature level) chance to glance. Glancing hits cannot be critical, deal 50% reduced damage, and suffer -100% offensive ability accuracy.

The Floor is Bullet Ants - Passive
Every time the opponent is knocked to the ground, bullet ants swarm the body, inflicting up to 3 bleeds that each deal 40% of Ant-Man’s attack rating as direct damage over 1 second.

All Attacks
20% chance to fatigue the opponent, lowering their critical rating by 30% for 15 seconds

Dash back and hold block for 2.5 seconds
Ant-Man grows to a massive size at the cost of one bar of power every 3 seconds, until the power bar is depleted. (Minimum one bar.) When the power bar is depleted, Ant-Man returns to his normal size and receives a stun for 1.5 seconds.
This ability can only be used once per fight.

While in enlarged state
Become unstoppable and gain +200% heavy attack damage and +90% physical resistance.
Opponent’s attacks can not glance.
Any-Man can not activate special attacks.

Special 1: Pym Punch
No effects

Special 2: Ant Swarm
A swarm of poisonous ants inflict poison with a 100% chance, dealing 90% of Ant-Man’s attack rating per second over 9 seconds.
Bleed debuffs that are placed while this poison is active trigger neurotoxin, replacing each bleed debuff with a neurotoxin debuff that deals 180% of Ant-Man’s attack rating per second over 15 seconds. On expiry, Neurotoxins have a 100% Chance to Stun their target for 0.5 seconds. This effect will not interrupt a Special Attack. Neurotoxins are a Passive effect, and therefore do not count as either a Debuff, or a Poison.

Special 3: Ant-sized knockout
100% chance to Stun for 4.5 seconds

What do y’all think about this


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    Ya cool concepts. I’d love if he could size up to a Sentinel for a bit but I don’t think he should be stunned for what basically amounts to a 3-9 second Unstoppable Buff when he has to burn all his power to get it. Also I think his Special 1 should have some sort of effect like a guaranteed crit or true strike.

    Ya thanks. The 3-9 second unstoppable buff is actually really op, which is the reason I limited it to just one use per fight. Why? Just read his passive ability. I don’t think his special 1 needs any sort of effect because it already triggers bleed, again, passive ability. Also, about the stun, if you end the fight in big nibba mode then you can avoid the stun entirely.

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    Really all they need to do is change him back to prenerf willpower days. Almost every single hit placed a fatigue. 15 poison stacks was common every fight.
  • EthanGamerEthanGamer Posts: 324
    No stun and ants should poison not bleed when knocked down
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