Alliance Master Tier

With the rapid growth of stronger alliances both in war and aq, i think it is time to put them into another tier where they will compete with each other. The cufoff to stay in expert tier is getting higher and higher because of these stronger alliances. Make them compete with each other in another tier, milestones rewards could be map6 all the way, weekly rewards could be some t5bc fragments. I think it benefits a lot of alliances, the stronger alliances could compete for better rewards, and the other alliances that struggles to stay in expert tier would struggle less, as the cutoff require will decrease.


  • ThatGuy214ThatGuy214 Posts: 244
    Rewards will filter down as new seasons come as always. The new goal to fight for will be t5cc and t4cc will be more available to lower alliance with lower prestige. It always cycled this way. Kabam is dragging there feet on a new season I feel because they don’t want to release t5cc to soon. The game is prestige based just the way it is at the moment.
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