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Requesting an Opportunity for Real Dialog

I hoped players could post legit ideas on improving the communication between Kabam and the player base. I am aware this forum is the preferred method of communication, and understand it may be the best way to deliver information to so many of us. However, it seems the player base and Kabam are missing potentially better methods of communicating and improving the game experience. We are getting your messages, but I believe some of our messages are getting lost. There are players like me who worked hard at this game for a long time. We want it to grow. We want it to change and evolve. I’m currently on a “break” from the game and looking for a reason to return. Yesterday’s announcement and subsequent responses were not it.

There are many people who see the game becoming repetitive and requiring more and more time. That’s fine for some, but it will burn many out. Requiring more and more time from players can’t be in your business plan, mission statement or dreams. We can see the bottlenecks you have created over the last few months. You can see us pleading for changes in the forums, group chats and reddit.

I propose Kabam find a diverse group of players that engages in REAL dialog, not just surveys. Maybe you would have learned that dungeons were a good idea, but needing close to an hour to get through daily rewards was outrageous (even after the changes). Maybe we could have avoided debacles in the war scoring changes. Maybe we can finally make the change to Pure Skill that we all deserve. See where I’m going? There are good ideas on this forum, but it feels like they never get to the correct person/team. You had dialog with players before, but it seemed that only the biggest spenders and largest rosters where invited. Why not a large diverse group of players? You wouldn’t have to give away any upcoming events, quest, game modes. Just listen to what the customers want before you launch stuff. Majority of us are not looking for handouts, but I can tell you what we don’t want. We do not want more tasks added to the daily requirements. We don’t want dungeons added during a month with additional currency (dust) in the monthly quest. Now we are doing dungeons, AW, AQ, event quest, vanquishing blows and arena. This is not OK to a very large part of your customer base. Not to mention changes made to an AA (important offensive hero) after introducing Iron Man IF (a menacing defensive hero).


  • bigmull1bigmull1 Posts: 45
    Muta at Class Advantage just posted a similar article. He said it better than I did.
  • XHans_GruberXXHans_GruberX Posts: 88
    It was a good read...well written. I imagine Kabam won't give 2 squirts though
  • DaywalkerUKDaywalkerUK Posts: 104
    Well considering I got a warning and my post removed for asking kabam if they were happy with IMIW effect on AW stats I don't think they really want to communicate with us 🤣
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