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Awesome 11mil alliance looking for 3-4 replacements

Okay so we're not really awesome.

AQ: 5x5 every week (100mil milestone). Day 1 prestige around 4900. Donations are 130k/30k/12k every week before Sunday.

AW: currently Gold 2 on tier 9. 3x weekly (so yes, war and AQ simultaneously).

Events: no minimums, everyone just does their part. SA every week (21-40% minimum), as well as ranking (therefore expected contribution) in Item Use and Completion.

Very laid back, adult oriented alliance. No time for slackers or taxis. Extremely competitive and pretty serious players (when it comes to in-game).

Line required. I'll say it again for those in back: LINE IS REQUIRED.

We have fun.

Line/IGN: ButOfCorpse
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