Assassin or bleed?

So i am at rk2 in bleed and rk 3 in assassin. My top champ is r5 wolvie.. have quite a few other bleed champs.. does it make sense to max out bleed or invest more in assassin?


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    I personally have DW at 5/5 and assassin at 1/5. No need for more. Cause I have a certain way I play.
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    Ranking assassin is useful, especially if you have stun or bleed champs , who can take out the enemy much faster at low health. This goes for champs with stacking attack, and things like shock and incinerate too. It's useful for lots of champs, but not all.

    Because of wolvies regen, I'd focus on bleed for now, because you will sometimes want to stretch the fight out instead of ending it quickly to.heal.
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