Labyrinth of Legends First Run - Here's my team Please critique

About to get started, any thoughts/suggestions on my team?

5* R5 MorningStar

4* R5 Elektra
5* R1 Daredevil for synergies
4* R1 Daredevil for synergies
4* R5 Punisher for synergies and maybe some dmg.

The plan is to use MorningStar as much as possible, looking for Power Gain to be able to spam the L1 as much as possible.

Once I get them below 25% I may just keep rezzing elektra if she is doing more damage than MorningStar

I could add Mephisto to the team so I get the L1 immediately when I rez, but not sure if that outweighs the powergain synergies.



  • nope u are lacking
  • MasterFlintMasterFlint Posts: 96
    nope u are lacking

    Not helpful.
  • OrdalcaOrdalca Posts: 434 ★★
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    You are planning on using a mystic champion against Maestro, which means he will be placing debuffs on you based on what you are doing in the fight. From what I've heard, one of those debuffs is a poison so strong you get killed almost immediately.

    As a reminder:
    Mystic: you get debuffs
    Science: he nullifies debuffs on him (basically immune to debuffs)
    Skill: he reduces your ability accuracy
    Mutant: Power drains you if you block him, gains armor from his specials
    Tech: Random buffs including regen and power gain. Very strong.
    Cosmic: Nullifies your buffs with his specials.
  • MrchampMrchamp Posts: 31
    younshould try and see how your enrage timer works out first. You need 2k attack + synergy with out mastery points to get the longest timer. I doubt your 4 star Electra will do more damage than your rank 5 five star. You might bet better off switching to the mutant crit team ( cyclops red, magneto red, wolverine, storm ) to maximize your damage. Every champion on the easy path ( besides colossus) has 1.5 million health. So if you can get close to 1 shoting red hulk than you should be good to go. But i would strongly recommend just using a four star star lord or any star lord or possible a different high powered five star cause mystics have the worst match ups against maestro. So you might get to maestro than just end up throwing units away. Your call. Just my personal opinion. I did my run with a rank 4 iceman five star undupe.
  • CapWW2CapWW2 Posts: 2,901 ★★★★
    4 star SL is better than that team.
  • taojay1taojay1 Posts: 1,062 ★★★
    I wouldn't necessarily say 4* sl is a better option, because you will constantly be thwarted by enrage timer. Magik, wm, falcon will do a lot of chip damage against a 4 star, and using a tech against Maestro is horrible (I used 4/55 sparky, can't imagine how hard it would be with sl).

    Tbh I think Morningstar could work, especially once you have 5 souls. However, I don't really think a power gain synergy team is necessary at all. Instead, bring a suitable 5* champ to kill Maestro, and use the other 3 slots for attack synergy (ms will probably be over 2000 since she is r5, but ur boss killer might not). I think it would be easier to help if u sent a pic of ur roster
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