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Who should I focus on next?

I'm currently on act 4.3 on story. I'm just try to see what resources I should go after and what champ I should be focusing on next. These are my current r4 or r2 5*.yo5ived361fi.png


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    In the first instance, I suspect the OP will need to focus on either Blade or Gwenpool, not both.

    If you're going to focus on 1-2 of each class, my thoughts are:

    Skill: I'd go with Blade first, as he's a harder hitter, and had good utility, including shrugging off debuffs at higher power levels; which will be very useful in later parts of Act 4. You do have Taskmaster as well, and he's Awakened. I'd plan to throw a few resources his way as you get more skilled - he's much harder to use effectively than Blade; but can be really effective for a skilled player. Watch a few YouTube videos to see his potential.

    Mystic: Hood is a decent Mystic champ; but Dormammu has the synergy edge with Blade (Blade gains Danger Sense against all mystics), plus he's immune to poison and bleed, such is also great in Act 4.

    Science: Not great choices! Certainly bring Yellow jacket up to 3/30. Past that point Is go for Hulk above Ant Man once you have the catalysts to take someone to R3. Hope you pull someone better, or that you dupe Hulk!

    Tech: Ultron or Green Goblin? GG is trickier to use well; but probably has more utility; however Ultron is double immune, which is valuable in Act 4. Anyone else have any thoughts here?

    Mutant: again, not great choices. Colossus is a reasonable defensive choice, and is bleed immune; but doesn't hit very hard. Building him up is far better than letting mutant resources expire, though - I'd take up to 3/30 above Deadpool X-Force. Hopefully you'll pick up someone better to take past that point.

    Cosmic: Of your (modest) choices there, I'd say Venompool. He's got more utility than the others, good bleed damage, and a useful regeneration effect; which can save you healing potions. I quested a fair bit with him, and he's fun to play with. He does have synergy with Agent Venom; but this probably isn't enough to prioritise AV above Blade. Still, you may find the VP/AV combination helpful in Act 4, with AV's debuff-shrugging ability very valuable.
    Probably take Drax to 3/30 as well, for raw damage/bleed. He's more effective when Awakened, but doesn't need it as much as Captain Marvel does.

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