Act 5.2.4

InbaInba Posts: 27
I have 4* 5/50 star lord ,medusa,gwen pool,hulk,stark spidey iam struggling at machoism node what should i do to move to 5.2.5 ? and any champs useful for clearing need also suggestion for that and plus have 4* 4/40 SW should i rank her to 5/50 ?


  • rockykostonrockykoston Posts: 1,434 ★★★★
    I just cleared this yesterday with 3/45 Archangel , 3/45 Hyperion, 5/50 Blade, 4/40 Ghost Rider and 2/35 Mephisto.

    It's just an annoying chapter, try to practice and clear 5-6 champs without your team dying, then you'll have to use some revives.

    Don't try to parry as it will be shrugged off immediately and you'll get a combo. Try bleeding the opponent using any champ (Gwenpool) , then when the 7 second timer comes on, you can stun and dish out all damage you possibly can.
  • InbaInba Posts: 27
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