How Act 5 Chapter 2 Is The Same As ROL 2 Years Ago

BosleyBosley Posts: 119
Fighting in 5.2.4 you basically need a duped 5-star Star Lord (and GOTG team) to inflict enough damage because of the garbage Masochism buff.
Most other champs are not effective (designed intentionally by the KABAM slugheads), so that you need to throw your hard earned units into finishing anything. (And lets not get started on the BS final boss otherwise known as the Collector).

This is exactly the same as 2 years ago when you needed the perfect block team to beat ROL. Needing certain champs to finish content is not the way this game needs to be designed. In fact, KABAM has said that the changes they have implemented are designed to combat this requirement, but this is clearly not the case.

Yet another example of how KABAM has structured the game around spending rather than enjoyable content and genuine player skill.


  • Fel_95Fel_95 Posts: 347 ★★
    BS. 5* duped starlord is actually bad for most 5.2, except on 5.2.5
    You can bypass masochism easily with many champs and adapting your fighting style, myself I managed to clear 100% 5.2.4 using Karnak, Voodoo, GhostRider and Archangel. 5/50 are enough until the collector's quest, there you'd need some 4/55 to deal with him efficiently. But StarLord sucks, especially against the collector himself
  • ADDZZADDZZ Posts: 71
    I finished the whole of chapter 2 100% without any 5*. All 4* rank 5. I spent around 4,000 units including energy refills. But I'm a free player so I don't really care. Only did it because I had the units saved.
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