Evade bug... I just don’t get it!!?

WimaksWimaks Posts: 105
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This “bug“ has been around since I started playing the game over two years ago. Sometimes The bug is just being able to evade mid heavy or mid charge. But it’s most prominent and irritating “feature” is attacking instantly after evade or WHILE evading. The Insta-attack was my biggest obstacle to defeating act five ultron.

Now To the “I just don’t get it” part…
I completed Ultron chapter last week. How? Because the evade bug seemed to be resolved!! Sure, he was still able to evade while charging but no insta-hit. He would evade and stay back, double evade, evade and block, evade and attack with normal recovery, or evade and then I was able to hit him (this most often)

As soon as Tuesday maintenance happened, bug is Baaaack. I believe in that maintenance one of the things fixed was being able to block immediately following passive evade... So it seems that bug (that you fixed) was actually “fixing” the long standing evade bug. Or maybe it’s all coincidence.

My point is it was actually working for at least a week until your maintenance. Maybe look into why/How


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