Piloting/acct sharing penalty unfair...

Not unfair to the penalized alliance, unfair to the lower alliances that are going to be paired against them for at least a few wars thereby hindering their advancement... tier 6 or 7 alliances having to go to war against tier 3 or 4. For example. I understand the penalty of lowering tier; lower multiplier. Wouldn’t it just make more sense to reduce their multiplier For however many wars it would theoretically take for them to climb back to where they started pre-penalty? Lowering the war rating is what… An emotional or psychological penalty? Because it only serves up easier opponents...


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    @Wimaks - I was about to roll my eyes at your "oh look - it's another I got caught piloting" threads, but glad I read through.

    Very valid point to lower level alliances
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    After the penalty they might not pilot anymore, which would mean that they skill also drops. Lowering their tier is actually a pretty appropriate punishment imo
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    I get your point but leaving them high tier allows them to still rol with the big biys....

    It is like saying we are gunna give you a little penalty but still give you the chamce to prove you deserve tobe at the top....

    No sir that doesnt fly....

    If they wanna prove they can roll with the big boys they need to climb there again.... climbing upward is much harder than maintaining a tier. To maintain they need to win 50/50 thats it... to climb you need to win more than you lose...
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    I say drop em all the way to the bottom....
    It may take em along time to climb but think about how dod they get there and stay there in the first place.... probs by cheating

    People need to know also they will not fight 2mil allies on their way back up.
    Matchmaking works on both war rating and ally rating so they will fight lower allies with similar strength in the way up....

    (I have provided and can provide more evidence again to support the fact matchmaking uses both war rating and ally rating)
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    I get what you’re saying, but Rolling with the big boys isn’t a reward in and of it’s self. It’s the multiplier that is the reward. I’m saying, keep them in that tier with the even competition just lower their multiplier two tier 7 for 1 war, tier 6 for 2, tier 5 for 3 or whatever...

    I don’t have all the answers… Or any for that matter :-) my only point is that the current system actually penalizes the lower tiered opponents they get matched up with, making them face much stiffer competition thereby reducing their points and hindering their advancement...
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    You have proof that matchups are also based on the alliance rating? I thought one of the big gripes is that it ONLY takes into account war rating...? Has that changed?
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    Yes it changed..... i have previously posted but not many listen

    I have a now 4.5 mil ally in tier 8 facing opponents at only 3.7 - 5.5 mil
    Whilst i have a 8.5 mil ally in tier 11 facing opponents at only 7-9.5mil

    Also i have spoken to people one of whom has a 4mil ally in tier 4 and faces opponents slightly stronger but still only 5-7mil.

    I have many screenshots to prove this.

    It was around middle of season 1 i think it changed
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  • Maat1985Maat1985 Posts: 1,704 ★★★
  • Maat1985Maat1985 Posts: 1,704 ★★★
    Just the most recent war as a sample. Dont wanna clog your thread with all my screenshots and proof..... i just want people to see this and know that tier is not a reflection of how good you are. It only shows how good you are compared to other allies same rating. Which puts my weak ally higher in season than my strong one even though i can assure you they are nowhere near as good... lol....
    But yeah piloting allies should be dumped to 0 war rating IMO
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    edited June 2018
    It will give you an unbalanced matchup on alliance rating whene there are no close allies with same war rating.
    War rating is priority.....
    Then alliance rating is a secondary factor....
    You will only face a stronger or weaker opponent if there is no simialar allies with same war rating looking

    Anyone that wants to chat bout matchmaking go here

    As to not clog this thread.
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    I agree. Kabam came up with a punishment but didn’t consider the punishment to innocent alliances now having to face the piloting alliance. Well maybe they did consider it and just didn’t care.
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