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Wanted to start a general discussion on what people thought of dungeons overall, what was liked/disliked. This isn’t a place for rants or anything like that, just thoughts. I think this is a rather large mode to be made and then just scrapped so I’m fairly confident that like Rifts and Merc missions, dungeons will be making a return at some point. As such, this is my opinion.

I really liked being able to play with other players that I was friends with in previous alliances or even other battle groups I didn’t usually talk to or fight with.

-Quick Chat
Very useful, glad I didn’t have to type out “Take Down node 1” every 10 minutes. I thought the chat covered a range of situations that would need chat but some that I think could be added is “You take the boss” or “who should take the boss?”.

I thought the rewards were, in large, worth it. I decided grinding for 2 of the 3 possible 5* crystals was worth my time. Ended up getting a new Howard the duck and a sig level on Karnak but that’s irrelevant for my Pros list. Infinity dust for t2 alpha shards was arguably much more valuable and without it I don't think i'd have done any dungeons at all.

-Class Paths
I enjoyed that the classes were split up so there were two classes in a dungeon and each room obviously only had 2 paths with one class on each. I liked bringing in a team that would shut down a particular path. If dungeons come back I hope this stays the same.

-Inability to purchase revives
This really makes dungeons about skill and not buying through it. But at the same time, random drops for potions are great too for when you make mistakes. I really think the balance was great here. On the subject of skill, maybe even a leaderboard for next time. So whichever 2 summoners who get furthest in dungeons (one leaderboard for each dungeon 1-6) Get number one place. Perhaps even legend titles for it, since legend titles at the moment are mainly who can fight for 4 hours against heroic and master. It would make legend titles about skill. If Revives were able to be bought, they would have to only be available in the infinity dust store for example, or loyalty store. Just not for units.

-Dungeon Day
Best part of the event (slight bias due to my awakened 5* ghost rider from it), I thought the extra milestones and rewards were great.

Dungeons really shouldn’t have been a daily grind. I know a lot of players felt burnt out from this. The top milestones being 7500 means 4 rooms of Dungeon 6 which per day can be a bit overkill when added to arena, quest, event quest, AQ and Aw. 4 rooms of dungeon 6 is around 9,500 points which is 2000 points over the actual milestone of 7500. So you need to do (per week) 7 lots of 4 rooms in Dungeon 6, 28 rooms overall. And that’s with 2000 points per day going to waste.

My suggestion for this is make it weekly. Instead of 7500 a day make it 52,500 per week. Now you need to do 6 lots of the 9500 points which is 57,000 saving you a full day of dungeons. Instead of wasting 2000 a day (14000 a week) you only lose 2500 a week. And this calculation is assuming people would just go to room 4 in dungeon 6. Going to room 5 would save even more time but there’s no use in it at the moment since the highest milestone is 7500. Instead of it being a daily grind, you could sit down several times a week and go to room 5 or 6 on dungeon 6.

-Basic champions in Crystals
I’m sure most would agree that having basic champions as rewards is a silly idea. In each crystal there’s 1 or 2 champs that are considered by the community as top tier champions with the rest being, shall we say, less desirable. That leaves a 5-10% chance to get the outcome you want and a 90-95% chance to either get a champion you don't want/won't use or a champion you already have duped, meaning all that grinding led to 1 sig stone. Even worse, I've seen screenshots of the rewards screen with "no champions" and "no duplicates" when you get a basic of a maxed sig champ.

Why kabam chose to make them basic I have no idea, keeping people interested in the game would be a hell of a lot easier if there wasn't a chance of grinding dungeons for 30 minutes every day for over a month only to be rewarded with 3 sig stones. While I did say that rewards were worth it in my Pros list, that's largely due to infinity dust which I thought was great.

-Find a partner
I think there are optimisations to be made here.
Firstly: never let it match you with someone completely out of your rating range. I've seen screenshots of someone bringing in 4/55 champs being matched with 4/40s. It is better to spend a lot longer matchmaking and waiting to find a good match, rather than just randomly match with a low rated player. With 5* having such long cooldowns, it's so disheartening to see yourself matched with someone in dungeon 6 with 4/40 champs.
Secondly: Have some sort of system where you can specify which path you want to take with your partner. Just yesterday I decided to find a partner to get my last 1k points so I took 3 tech champs for the mutant path and was matched with someone who also had 3 tech champs. We alternated between mutant and mystic paths but if there was a Path Specification system that, when you click find a partner, asks you "Tech Path", "Science Path", or "Either." Then tried to match you with someone who had the complementary preference.

-Option to Quit
I'm sure we've all had a full set of KO in a room of dungeons. Might happen at the miniboss with 20 seconds left or it might happen at the start when a classic Spidey evades you to death with 10 minutes left. Nothing more demoralising than watching the timer count down to your failure. i think a Quit button or a give up button would be good for when there's tons of time left.

With the 12 minute timer per room, i don't really see why there's a timer per fight. You might bring a bleed champ against someone like groot with physical resistance and timeout just because you can't outdamage him, but afterwards there's still 9 mins on the clock. I don't like that there's extra timers ontop of timers.

Overall, i really enjoyed dungeons, for a time, but it became too much of a grind. That's my main piece of feedback for it, make it something fun to do, not something time consuming.


  • CapWW2CapWW2 Posts: 2,901 ★★★★
    I dont like dugeons. They take way too much of my time. I stopped doing them.
  • DaddyDDaddyD Posts: 75
    Love them. Great tool for finding new recruits and just having something to do when bored when you don’t wanna arena grind
  • Maat1985Maat1985 Posts: 1,704 ★★★
    Dungeon are an amazing concept....
    Awesome idea....

    But very time consuming.....
    Especially given the rewards...

    I feel really sorry for the peeps that got a champ they had maxed... all this dungeon for nothing...
    I a groot but atleast he was a new champ....

    My suggestions are....
    Make a quit button....
    Change the classes each day. By this i mean still 1 per side but random each day so its not always mystic and mutant together it my be mystic and science or mystic and tech.... this could gone along way to adding some variety for a tiny change.....
    Maybe adjust the failure scores so if you die you lose the result of the previous room not half. So if yu finish room 4 and then die in room 5 you get the points from completing room 3.
    Die in room 2 would be as painful as a death in room 1 a big fat 0
    But it would make a death in room 7 atleast net you the points from room 5 rather than half of room 6.....
    I havnt done the math so i dunno exactly how this would play out.

    Make it so when you send an invite you can go and play something else... there is nothing worse then wasting 10mins for someone to accept an invite before you give up and find a random...
  • ShadPrinceShadPrince Posts: 826 ★★★
    Does everyone know that when you're looking for a dungeon partner that you choose your room then? Because someone taking in 4/40s might accidentally be on Dungeon 5, and someone with r3 or r4 5* champs could also be on D5 and they might be matched up
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